Posted by Gothbetty | November 13, 2013

In this EroticBPM update, Uzi demonstrates that she has just as much charming attitude as that cool name would suggest. Her super hot face and superb body look so incredibly great in classic black fishnets and tight black corset. Delicious!

eroticbpm uzi corset fishnets



Posted by Gothbetty | November 08, 2013

Getting it on with real life partner Ledgrey, Cherry looks like a vampire beauty and she just may be a vampire. She has been shooting with BlueBlood for more than a decade and she still looks incredible, with her enormous party-tits and tight body and delicate charming features. Just hot.

blueblood cherry ledgrey



Posted by Gothbetty | November 02, 2013

Razor Candi pulls off a new hotter-than-hell pinstripes pinup look in this newest BarelyEvil update. She flirts in the librarian glasses and then puts them in her pinstriped nickers, before teasingly stripping them off. Incredibly foxy with legs for miles and a tremendounsly spankable-looking booty.

barelyevil razor candi pinstripes



Posted by Gothbetty | October 27, 2013

The famous Razor Candi looks as gorgeous as always in this GothicSluts update. She strips off her deathrock finery to reveal the most incredible vampire white skin and flawless bodie.

gothicsluts razor candi gothic sluts razorcandi



Posted by Gothbetty | October 20, 2013

CJ looks dangerously sensual stripping off her military uniform to reveal her short brushcut soldier hair and tight bodie. EroticFandom has the costume gurls.

eroticfandom cj revolution



Posted by Gothbetty | October 14, 2013

Have to llove the old college deathrock tattoo fetish vibe of this BlueBlood update featuring Chachie and Ducky Von Ghoulie from the Fuzzbats getting it on. From behind, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and oral, these two have red-hot chemistry and approach their intercourse with a delicious punk rock enthusiasm.

blueblood ducky chachie deathrock



Posted by Gothbetty | October 08, 2013

Krysta Kaos is nude outdoors in her second appearance on EroticBPM. Krysta Kaos doesn’t care if she is naked in public. She just strips right down to her stockings, sparkle pasties, and multicolored hair. And tattoos.

eroticbpm krysta kaos outdoors



Posted by Gothbetty | October 03, 2013

There is so much to glance at in this RubberDollies update, lensed by Kelly Lind that it is hard to know what to concentrate on. Gotta llove that sparking grinder, the patriotic latex, and Alex La Marsh’s over-the-top makeup, but I think I’m going to concentrate on Darenzia’s ballet dancer bod.

rubber dollies darenzia grinder



Posted by Gothbetty | September 27, 2013

Wow! Blue Blood’s GothicSluts has a gorgeous new tour designed by the incredibly talented Forrest Black. It looks incredible and features tons of free pics of the best-looking, sexiest, and most diverse individualistic gothic floozy I have ever viewed. Check it out.

gothic sluts graveyard girls



Posted by Gothbetty | September 22, 2013

Everybody loves a hawt gamer doll. In this EroticBPM update, JadeRox presents off her film gaming skillz and then, natch, fucks the Wii controller. foxy JadeRox also participates in the free weekly Saturday camm presents for lovely BPM members, included free with every membership.

eroticbpm jaderox wii gamer girl erotic



Posted by Gothbetty | September 15, 2013

If ya desire to go to the cinema with hot Cricket from EroticBPM , ya can select amongst “documentaries, foreign, indie, horror/gore flicks.” She also says she likes “Every idealist who has ever thought they could make a difference and actually set out to create the alter they wish to see.” That’s fucking hott!

Eroticbpm Sexy Naked Raver Girls



Posted by Gothbetty | September 10, 2013

In this BarelyEvil update, we are introduced to Velocity. She is a dash of bright fresh spunkiness in an industrial wasteland. This tight-bodied punk is so hot, ya just wanna eat her up.



Posted by Gothbetty | September 04, 2013

In this BarelyEvil update, stunning Hope, with her crazy dreadlocks and innocent eyes, looks ready for Mardi Gras. She’s got that New Orleans jazz voodoo style ready to strip off. cheerful Mardi Gras, everyone!

barelyevil hope voodoo mardi gras new orleans



Posted by Gothbetty | August 29, 2013

Kellie LaPlegua has to be one of the most hot gothic hotties ever to grace the world with her loveliness. In this EroticFandom shoot, she is wearing a macabre leather costume custom-made by AMF’s Louis Fleischauer. She looks spooky and risky, but looking at her incredible sun-dappled bod makes ya wish ya were a sunbeam.

eroticfandom kellie amf



Posted by Gothbetty | August 23, 2013

In this EroticFandom, Kellie LaPlegua looks spooky and gorgeous, stripping off the newest leather couture from AMF. Kellie begins the shoot in a incredibly exotic fetish butcher apron, then adds the extreme kink tongues mask, finally ending up naked in the garden. Like Eve, only way kinkier and hotter.

erotic fandom kellie laplegua tongues



Posted by Gothbetty | August 18, 2013

GothicSluts has the most gorgeous girlies for piercing fans. Pale newcomer Sierra S has a smooth shaved bearded taco and all her piercings are facial. The gothic beauties just keep coming. Literally hundreds of nudie gothic girlies in one place!

gothicsluts sierra s red



Posted by Gothbetty | August 11, 2013

Sierra teasingly strips off her fancy lingerie to present ya everything. Her lithe bod stretches seductively in this GothicSluts update.

gothicsluts sierra tease



Posted by Gothbetty | August 06, 2013

If an angel ever fell to earth and got herself inked up gorgeous, she would look a ton like cute blonde Voltaire in this BarelyEvil shoot by Forrest Black and Amelia G. Voltaire has legs for miles and the fetish heels to accent their shapely allure. Innocent and knowing and sensual.

barelyevil voltaire gold light



Posted by Gothbetty | July 31, 2013

Amy looks so innocent but so lovely rolling around on the bed in this GothicSluts update. Nothing like a hot honey in leopard lingerie.

gothicsluts amy leopard



Posted by Gothbetty | July 25, 2013

There is something so lickably delicious about a blood-spattered, hard-bodied, creatively tattooed, vampiric pale beauty like Halloween Jen Vixen here. GothicSluts is so fiery.

gothicsluts halloween jen